Are you moving out your rental property? Are you in tens? Don’t worry; we will take care of your cleaning and give you 100% bond back cleaning guaranteed with no exceptions. We are end of lease cleaning specialists, Move out cleaning Melbourne and Bond back cleaning services around Melbourne. We are experts in what we do and we specialise in end of lease cleaning Melbourne. We cover everything from top to bottom. We are called as Melbourne Vacate Cleaning. Our cleaning is 100% eco-friendly to environments and gives you satisfactions. Our prices are very inexpensive compare to other companies. Our cleaners are well trained and professionally steam cleaners to get this job done. We take care of tenants and landlords’ requirements in terms of cleaning. We have a process of cleaning your house. We start with dusting from small edges, internal windows, Vacuuming carpets, stairwells and walls mark cleaning. We give you flexible and cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. We have same prices on weekdays and weekends. We don’t charge extra on weekends. Since 2009, we have been running this business with no complaints and we will come back if customer is not happy with the cleaning. We will arrange cleaners and clean that house/apartment with no complaints.

Move out cleaning Melbourne

With us, your move out cleaning will be much easier. We are flexible with date and time so you can book any date and day in 7 days. We have proven our services in Melbourne past 8 years. Our professionalism won’t let you down in terms of cleaning. We quote over the phone and email. If you want to book on emails then we will give 10% discount without any questions. Also, we won’t increase prices once we will be at property. We will stick whatever we quote over the phone. Our prices don’t vary and we don’t increase price once we will be at property. Many companies do same thing once they will be at property. They will try to grab more money from customers by letting them know regarding mess of the house. Our cleaners are professionals and give you bond back guaranteed.


Melbourne vacate cleaning is always ready to help you at any conditions of your house is. Whether it is messy, old, or any other conditions, we will come and clean your house without any hassle. After cleaning done, we will handover invoice to you so you can give it to your real estate agent or your landlord. They will pass the bond, if not then we will come back and clean it for you without any questions. We will come back in 7days and solve your problem. We will charge extra from outside windows and balcony. We won’t be responsible for bond back. Why? Because, someday are too bad in terms of weather. Windy, rainy and other natural calamities can again mess your place so we can’t take any guarantee for cleaning. Melbourne vacate cleaning also offer professional steam cleaning and we can use hard chemicals to remove stains from carpet and will give you absolute clean. If you want to book service then call us on 0416 057 536 or email us on Online booking always have 10% discount.

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