End of Lease Cleaning During COVID 19 Stage-4 Restriction

End of Lease Cleaning is possible During COVID 19 stage-4 restrictions. Victorian Government has announced Stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne. The health and safety of our customers, Melbourne Vacate Cleaners follow all safety standards such as regular use of sanitiser, hand washing, wearing of gloves and mask all the time.

We recommend to all our customer to get a Free quote and Book End of Lease Cleaning online or Call us now on 0422 700 581. At this stage, we prefer less human interaction with others. Our professional cleaners will follow the same rules and work 1.5 m apart from each other all the time while cleaning at your property.

For More info: Victorian Government Announcement on COVID 19

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End of Lease Cleaning Process during COVID 19 Stage-4 Restriction

  • Free Cleaning Quote: Get a Free Contact less Melbourne Vacate Cleaning quote via call, email and text messages.
  • Cleaning Schedule: Schedule your move out cleaning between 6:30 AM to 4 PM.
  • Get Your Cleaning Done On Time: Excellent vacate cleaning will be done on the day, get your printed invoice with satisfaction bond cleaning guarantee for your rental property’s inspection.
  • Bond Money Return Guarantee: Your agent isn’t happy with the cleaning? Don’t worry, we’ll organise re-clean for you at no extra cost in 7 DAYS.
Move out cleaning checklist
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End of Lease Cleaning During COVID 19: Working Style

Prefer Contact Methods: Email, Phone, Text messages

Property Access: Leave your Keys at a safe place in your property or put your keys in an envelope and drop your keys at scheduled cleaning time.

Prefer Payment Methods: Online bank transfer, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit, Paypal

New Trading Hours: 6 AM to 7 PM

End of Lease Cleaning FAQs related to COViD 19 stage 4 restrictions.

Can I book end of lease cleaning under COVID 19 stage 4 restrictions?

Yes. Move out cleaning comes into essential service related to real estate industry. We continue serve our customers in this COVID pandemic. However, we prefer contact less booking and payment method for everyone’s wellbeing. If your lease is finishing soon and, you have scheduled your move out day then hire professional Melbourne vacate cleaning company.

Can I have an invoice for my end of lease cleaning?

Yes. We provide proper printed invoice with ABN/ACN number written on it. It’s a real estate agent approved invoice so you can present professional cleaned property to them.

Should I present at the property during end of lease cleaning?

As per Victorian Government announcement, less human interaction is better for everyone. If you can leave your keys at safe place that would be great. You can provide us property access by keeping 1.5m distance, and leave your empty house for us to do move out cleaning.

Can I do cash payment for end of lease cleaning?

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we prefer contactless payment system such as online bank transfer, Direct Deposit, Paypal, and EFTPOS. If you’ve any issues with your card and prefer only cash then we accept cash in some cases. Put your cash in an envelope or a plastic bag

Can I book move out cleaning at 9 PM?

Yes. We can provide you a cleaning quote over the phone, email and text messages. You can discuss your moving out cleaning requirements with us and schedule the cleaning time. Our contact Us Inquiry form is available for everyone so you can contact is 24/7 via contact form. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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