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Construction site always leaves some construction mess, debris and dust. After your construction project completes, you need a proper builders cleaning of the property.  Builders Cleaning Melbourne service provides thoroughly cleaned property so you can handover to the customer
End of Lease Cleaning steps

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    Thorough Post building cleaning

    Post building clean up includes bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, toilet, walls mark clean, floor cleaning, switches, light, cupboard, window and mirror cleaning of the property.

    Basic vacuum cleaner and dishwasher liquids aren’t enough to get rid of construction stains or paint marks. Professional builders cleaning Melbourne required different types of chemicals, high pressured vacuum cleaners and other cleaning tools to do sparkling clean. They also carry high pressured steam cleaners and high power vacuum cleaner to remove hazardous small parts from the carpet.

    Get rid of paint marks without any experience is a hard part. You can end up spending more than 4 hours without getting any quality result. You may damage your floor or create some scratch marks by using hard tools on flooring to remove paint marks. Professional end of lease cleaning company provides cheaper quote for your property cleaning and finish their work in a few hours without any damage.

    Construction dust has very small particles of sand and other debris. Construction dust can cause serious health injuries such as asthma, lung disease and other skin irritations.

    Why you should hire professionals for post-construction cleaning?

    Buying a new house or renovating your current house is always an exciting thing. After contraction cleaning is a hard-working and time taking the job. It requires much time, experience, knowledge of chemicals and manpower. After construction cleaning involves paint marks removal, contraction dirt cleaning, surface cleaning, window cleaning and removing other debris.

    After construction work, it’s really hard to put your extra efforts to clean the entire property thoroughly. If you’ve enough experience to deal with all debris and dirt then You can only do this by spending more time on this.


    After construction cleaning requires after renovation work such as carpentry, flooring, brickwork, electric work or other fixing work. Trade workers will fix your floor, cupboards or other trade work and try to remove dust. They won’t do a thorough cleaning or remove all dust particles as professional builder cleaners can do. Professional builder cleaners can understand every stains and dust. They can keep their eyes to remove all dust and debris from the house.

    What is Builders Cleaning Service?

    Builders Cleaning Melbourne includes removal of dirt, dust and debris from all parts of the building. Construction companies are required to provide clean property after their new building construction or renovation. Builders cleaning is a part of finishing construction work and handing over the key to the property owner.

    Builders cleaning is also required for renovated buildings or a house. It helps the property owner move-in easily. Most of the cleaning companies provide domestic cleaning, corporate cleaning, end of lease cleaning Melbourne, carpet cleaning or window cleaning. Builder cleaning service is different from all of them. Most of the time, builder cleaning is required before moving into the newly built building. Sometimes, it also requires renovation of the property.


    Builders cleaning is called as many other search terms as move-in cleaning, after builders cleaning and construction cleaning. After building process starts once the construction of the property is fully completed. Melbourne Vacate Cleaning helps many customers to move into the apartment/house/townhouse after renovation or building a new property. We clean the full place from top to bottom, kitchen, removing dust, clean windows, clean all surfaces and many other things.

    We provide builders cleaning service in factories, townhouses, apartment, house, commercial offices, retail stores and freshly renovated place. Melbourne Vacate cleaning is specialised in after builders cleaning for 10 years and we understand your job requirements. With our expert cleaning experience, we ensure you to finish the job on the decided period. Also, we bring all machine and equipment to do the work so you don’t need to worry about anything.

    Why choose us?

    • 100% Satisfaction cleaning guarantee
    • Affordable price
    • Honest and Reliable cleaners
    • Fully Insured
    • Free Re-clean Service
    • Customer friendly service
    • Professional trained cleaners

    After Building/ Construction cleaning (Unfurnished Property) includes:

    • All Internal areas Kitchen, cupboards, switchboards, laundry, living area, hallway and staircase
    • Professional cleaning of the bathroom, bathtubs, showers, exhaust fans, toilet, taps, faucets and Vanity area
    • Professionally windows cleaned.
    • Skirting Boards wiped.
    • Vacuuming & Hard floors mopped
    • Carpet steam cleaning if required
    • Doors, Door frames, and Knobs.
    • Lights, Switches, Plugs and Powerpoints
    • Air Vents, Mirrors
    • Sinks and Taps
    • Windows & window sills
    • Wardrobes and cabinets.
    • Full kitchen cleaning with cupboards (Inside + Outside)
    • Removal of plaster and paint from all surfaces and fixtures
    • Mopping the floor and washing down all windows

    Fully Furnished Property Includes (Additional):

    • Wipe down/dusting cupboards, tables, chairs and kitchen cabinets
    • Vacuuming the floors, carpets and steam cleaning
    • Polishing mirrors and glass
    • Sanitize bathrooms and toilets