Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning is also known as Hot Water Extraction Cleaning of the carpet. In this process, hot water is injecting into your carpet with high pressure. That removes dirt, stains, bacteria and other particles by extracting the water out. Stain remover liquid or spray needs to use before the process to remove deep stains from the carpet.

Why Melbourne Vacate Cleaning?

Melbourne Vacate Cleaning has been providing carpet deep cleaning service from the last 8 years in all over Melbourne. Our experienced carpet steam cleaners pay attention to all stains of the carpet.

Friendly end of lease cleaners has excellent carpet steam cleaning experience to keep your landlord happy. Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne can help you to get your 100% bond back without any hassle.

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    Why Carpet steam cleaning is so important in a commercial building?

    Commercial buildings have built for work offices, restaurants, cafes, shopping stores or marketplace. They have more than thousands of foot traffic every day. Regular vacuuming and cleaning keep them clean but some dirty particles stay in a carpet for a long time and increase the health issues.

    Melbourne Vacate clean provides extreme condition of the carpet and hygienic environment to people in a commercial building. It can increase the work productivity and appearance of the workplace. Healthy carpet can reduce the risk of asthma and other skin related issues among working people in a commercial building.

    Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Service

    Carpet is the most expensive household item in the house. If you don’t know how to treat with your carpet then always ask help from the professional cleaning company. They use heavy-duty carpet steam cleaning machine to pull out dust and particles.

    We use industrial steam cleaning machine to extract all dirt from the carpet. Professional carpet steam cleaners use carpet stain remover and liquid forms to remove stains from the carpet. They deal with carpet stains and dirt every day. All carpets have different conditions and they need to be steam cleaned properly to avoid damage.

    All commercial premises required regular steam cleaned carpet over time. Professional carpet steam cleaning Melbourne fulfil all requirements of every premises.


    How long does carpet take to dry after steam cleaning?

    Most of the carpet can take 4- 6 hours to dry completely. If you leave the house window open, then it can dry early due to air circulation in the house. Sometimes, it may take more than 6 hours after steam cleaning.

    How often should carpet be steam cleaned?

    For hygienic prospective, every carpeted house requires to do steam clean of the carpet at least once in a year. It depends on the circumstances such ad medical condition, carpet condition, foot traffic ans presence of pets.

    Should I walk in a carpet after stem cleaning?

    Steam cleaning has done with the water so it leaves some water in a carpet. If you room around n the wet carpet then it can absorb dirt, bacteria and fungi particles from your shoes. You should leave the carpet to dry completely to avoid inviting dirt and bacteria quickly.

    Is Professional carpet cleaning worth it?

    Professional carpet cleaners can take care of your carpet with care. They can provide dirt less and bacteria less carpet without damaging them. Professional carpet cleaners don’t take much time and money to provide you best results.

    How much should I pay for carpet deep cleaning?

    Some companies charge you up on square meter rate. The average cost can be between $0.25 to $0.40 per meter square. Many companies provide a quote depends n the number of rooms available in a house. You can find cheaper cost between $25 to $35 per room. Few companies charge depends on the condition of the house and time required to clean it. End of lease cleaning companies combine bond cleaning cost and carpet steam cleaning cost. They can charge from $60 to $150 for additional carpet deep cleaning with your bond cleaning service.