Difference Between Regular Cleaning and End of Lease Cleaning

Difference Between Regular Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning – 100% Focus Work

What is the Difference between Regular Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning?

In this busy life, everyone is running behind the time. They  can’t meet the requirements of routine clean-up or end of lease cleaning. In this article we figure out some basic points. You will find some factors affecting to both cleaning.

It depends on the individual choice and requirement.


What is called as a Regular cleaning

It is the weekly cleaning or frequent time frame Cleaning of house.

What is called as End of lease cleaning?

It is the end of year Cleaning or end of bond Cleaning.


Most of the people like their house to be clean on a regular basis. Though they couldn’t clean their house by themselves, they hire someone to clean on behalf. It is a normal household cleaning of any house.

When someone owes a rental house, then vacate cleaning comes in a picture. Every landlord and agency want to clean their house before the tenant leaves the house. In some cases, Tenant requires to provide vacate cleaning receipt to their landlord or house agency. End of lease cleaning service is only required when anyone’s bond-period is going to finish.


Regular cleaning is needed for everyday hygiene and cleanliness of the house. It doesn’t mean that you clean your house every day because of your children or pets. Even though you’re not fussy with the cleaning, house needs to be basic clean once in a week.

You need End of lease cleaning once in a while or at the finishing of your bond- period. Every landlord or rental house providers take some bond money from tenants as a guarantee of their properties. In addition, they release their bond money after inspecting their house at the end of the bond period. They have the full rights of bond money. Bond money is not just a few bucks but most of the cases landlord takes 1.5-2 months rent money as a bond. I hope you may understand how much bond Cleaning is necessary for tenants as well as landlords.

Service Included:

Normal/ Regular Cleaning includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, toilet brushing, laundry cleaning and bin removal service. Some of the companies provide basic kitchen top cleaning. It doesn’t include oven, microwave, cook top.

Vacate cleaning service includes vacuuming, mopping, carpet stem clean, window, kitchen, cupboards, cooktop, oven, range hood, switchboards, toilet, bathroom. Basically, it includes everything from inside of the house.

Difference between regular cleaning end of lease cleaning Guarantee

Normal / Regular Cleaning service providers only guarantee of basic cleaning. They make sure that house property won’t break or get any damage.

End of lease cleaning service provider takes the responsibility of your bond back cleaning guarantee. They take care of landlord’s Cleaning requirements and make sure that you’ll get your 100% bond money.


Weekly Cleaning takes 2-3 hours each time. bond cleaning takes 6-8 hours. Different between regular Cleaning & End of Lease Cleaning time depends on the house condition and size of the house.

Charge associated:

In regular cleaning, charges are calculating on the basis of service and hour of work. It’s ongoing cleaning requirement. Daily cleaning charges are less compared to bond cleaning charge.

Hence, Bond cleaning charge depends on the services and size of the house. It requires once at the end of bond period.

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