Few Steps to Get your Bond Back

A Few Steps to Get your Bond Back

Here are few Steps to get your bond back

  1. When you will do vacate clean then you need to make sure some few points such as equipment, steam cleaning, walls mark cleaning and many more. Vacate cleaning Melbourne also provides you complete cleaning from top to bottom. You need to have a receipt that can give you a proof for End of lease cleaning in Melbourne. 
  2. When you vacate your house, make sure you do walls mark clean because every real-estate agent will ask you to clean walls and clean the spot. While cleaning your walls, you need to use magic punch that can clean your walls and walls spot easily.
  3. If you have a carpet on the floor, you need to do steam clean on the carpet without any questions. Make sure you cleaned spots on the carpet to get your bond back.
  4. If we talk about kitchen, then you need to clean your clean from top to bottom including stove, bench top, exhaust fan, cupboards from inside and outside to get your bond back.
  5. Bathrooms, Toilet need to be thoroughly cleaned with black spot and showers. Sometimes, you might need to scrub tiles and clean black spot to get proper clean of your bathrooms. For toilets, you might need to clean bowl and walls as well.
  6.  To get your bond back, you need to fulfill the requirements and make sure you repair all damages. If you need some more information regarding this then click here.
  7. Lastly, complete the bond inspection without any mistake. Make sure you are with real-estate agent and they come and inspect the property with you.

In this article, we’ve covered a few Steps to get your bond back.

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