The Beginner’s Guide to End of Lease Cleaning Service

End of Lease Cleaning service

How does it Work?

It is the end of the contract cleaning of any house or office. Tenants need to clean their lease property before moving to a different place. It’s a part of the Rental Contract. Most of the companies give you a quote over the phone or email.

You can choose the End of Lease Cleaning service according to your needs and requirements. Many companies provide low price over the quote. Sometimes, they raise the price once they arrived at your property.

Be careful about these types of companies. They give you different excuses like an old house, messy house, out of the service area, and many more.

Others claim as an original End of Lease Cleaning service providers in Melbourne. They never raise the price. If you ask for extra service at the time of cleaning then you’ll charge extra. They are genuine vacate cleaning service.

Most of the companies take upfront payment due to security reason. You can ask for an invoice as soon as you made a payment. Once you pay them, they start their work and finish by their timeline.

They clean the entire house according to your checklist. You can hand over the key to your real estate agent for inspection.

Service– Offer

Vacate Cleaners provide different types of cleaning solution for house and office. You can customize your cleaning service according to your requirements.

  • End of Lease Cleaning Service
  • Exit Cleaning
  • Bond back cleaning
  • Rental Cleaning
  • Vacate Cleaning
  • House Cleaning
  • Rental Office Cleaning
  • End of Contract Cleaning
  • Spring Cleaning

Service Included

Vacate Cleaning service includes everything from top to bottom. You can ask for a cleaning checklist from vacate cleaning company. Most of the companies have their own cleaning procedures and schedule.

  • Throughout cleaning of the bedroom, bathroom, toilet, dining room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • Remove dust, dirt, cobwebs, and stain.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Windows from inside.
  • Oven, cook-top, skirting board, range-hood, mirrors, cupboards, switchboard.

Extra service- Generally not included in a plan

Cleaning company provides extra add on cleaning service. It costs between $10 – $50 per service. Charges depend on the size and number of appliances. It’s not necessary for every end of lease cleaning. You can put your extra efforts to make your landlord’s happy.

  • Outside windows
  • Appliances like refrigerator, TV, Microwave
  • Balcony
  • Garage
  • Blinds advanced clean
  • Removing furniture

General Charges

  • Charges depend on the house size
  • The quote included GST. Don’t pay extra on top of your quote.
  • General charges cover service charge, transport charge, GST, and bond back guarantee charge.
  • Cheap prices are starting from less than $200 for 1bhk.

Promotional Offers

Every company have its own promotional offers. If you don’t know then you can directly get advice from the cleaning company. Promotional offers run for a limited time. You need to read the terms and conditions of offers. Opt-out conditions are different for every company. It is the excitement for Tenants to make a cheap deal for vacate cleaning.

  • Discounted offers like 10-20% off
  • Free Quote
  • Referral Discount
  • Combine quote of end of lease house and moving house
  • Customer loyalty rewards

Procedure after service

  • Check the End of Lease Cleaning service Providers of your house
  • Be careful with the bond back cleaning guarantee period
  • Hand over the key to your property agent/ landlord
  • Advice to check your property within your End of Lease Cleaning service guarantee time
  • If something left from the checklist then claims for your free service
  • Recheck and Finish paperwork
  • Apply for your Bond back money online

Contact Options

  • Call
  • Email
  • Form Fill

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