How to get bond back

How do you make sure you get your bond back?

Need a Guarantee to make sure your Get your Bond back!

Bond back tips are provided by the government as well as rental agents. Read terms and conditions carefully at the time of lease.

Bond Back Cleaning Tips

  1. Read your bond agreement carefully.
  2. Record your property condition at the time of moving.
  3. Clean your rental property over time.
  4. If you want to leave early then give advance notice to your property agent or landlord.
  5. Book your Melbourne End of lease cleaning with professional cleaners.
  6. Make sure you take a receipt of your vacate cleaning.
  7. If your landlord/ rental agent find any cleaning issue then fix that up with cleaners.
  8. Fix other problems that occurred during your tenancy period.
  9. Submit your keys and let your landlord inspect the property.
  10. Fill out the form to get your bond money.
Book your bond back cleaning with us and feel relax.
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