How to Clean a Kitchen?

How to Clean a Kitchen?

Every tenants need to clean their kitchen regularly. Kitchen easily gets oil, dirt and dust every day. Here are some DIY kitchen cleaning tips to make your life easier every day. Find out how to clean a kitchen by yourself?

How to Clean Cupboards?

  • wipe down the surface of the cupboard with the wet cloth. Use multi-purpose cleaner spray to remove the dirt, dust and bacteria. Most of the stain come out with this method.
  • If you still have the stain then use the mixture of dish-washing liquid -water or baking soda-water. Scrub it with the sponge or microfiber cloth. You can use toothbrush to tackle with the inner corner of the cupboards.
  • Wipe it down the cupboard from inside and outside with the wet cloth, and then dry rag.

How to Clean Sink?

  • To clean the sink and tap, use cleanser spray or dishwashing liquid. Sprinkle the cleansing liquid all around the sink and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar and some baking soda into sink drainage.
  • Run warm water to make it effective. scrub well with the sponge or stainless steel scourer to remove the dust, oil and other dirt.
  • Rinse well with the warm water and rub the surface with the wet cloth. Wipe it down the area with the dry rag.

How to Clean Cook-top?

  • Use hot water and dishwashing liquid to clean the cook-top rather than harsh chemical.
  • Remove the rings and burners and soak them in a soapy mixture for 30 minutes.
  • Use light chemical to remove the dirt from the kitchen top. Only use non-abrasive cleaners on stainless steel.
  • scrub with the soft sponge or microfibre cloth to remove the dirt. If you can’t reach the small parts then use a toothbrush to clean between the stove top knobs and other parts.
  • Remove the extra water with the microfiber cloth and wipe down the area with the dry rag or cloth.
  • Leave the burner and rings to make it dry. It requires much time to completely dry before using them again.
  • Dab clean cloth into baby oil or sprinkle 2-3 drops of baby oil on the cook top and wipe it down with the dry microfiber cloth to sparkle the surface.

How to Clean Rangehood?

  • Remove the filter from the rangehood. Use a tub, bucket or sink to clean it properly. fill the bucket/ sink with the hot water and dishwashing liquid. Add 1-2 cup of white vinegar in the mixture.
  • Soak the filter in this soapy mixture thoroughly and leave it for 30-40 minutes to react. Remove the filter from the water and check the first result. 80-90% of oil and dirt can remove by using this procedure.
  • If you still find the grime than sprinkle some baking soda on the filter and scrub it with the heavy-duty sponge or stainless steel scourer. sprinkle some baking soda around the filter frame and scrub it well.
  • Rinse with the clean water and leave it for dry. Repeat the process if required.

How to Clean Kitchen appliances?

  • Appliances such as microwave, fridge and dishwasher are easy to clean with dish-washing liquid and water mixture.
  • Wipe down appliances with this mixture and leave it for 5 minutes. clean the surfaces with the wet cloth and dry rags to remove the dirt and soapy water.
  • Oven gets oil, dirt and grime easily after each use. It’s hard to clean at the same time due to the high temperature of the oven after usage. You can clean oven by using different ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar, dish-washing liquid and oven cleanser. Find out more about oven cleaning here. Leave the mixture for 30-40 minutes to reach it, and then scrub it well with the scrubber. Wipe the area with the wet cloth and leave it for dry.

General guidelines to clean a kitchen:

  • Use very hot water and dishwashing liquid to remove oil, grime quickly from the kitchen.
  • Don’t use harmful chemical otherwise, it can damage the kitchen-top.
  • Take out your stuff from the cupboard and then clean the area.
  • Be careful with the hot water while you’re cleaning.
  • Use the rubber gloves to clean your kitchen area.
  • Switch off the appliances before cleaning switches, lights and appliances.
  • Don’t use bleach
  • Wipe down the splashback, skirting board and cooking area daily to avoid dirt and grime formation.
  • You can use cook-top cover to put an extra layer on top of the surface. It protects the cook-top from stain, spills and dirt. Protector is easy to clean and re-usable for a certain period.

Kitchen cleaning at the End of Lease:

Tenants bound with the bond agreement, and they need to handover clean house at the time of property leaving. Kitchen takes most of the time in cleaning. If you’re looking for professional End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne, then leave your kitchen cleaning work with our expert cleaners. Our Melbourne vacate cleaners inspect each part of your kitchen and pay their attention to make it shine.


Tenants need to clean the kitchen on their regular weekly cleaning. Most of the people like to clean it daily so they can maintain the kitchen environment. Cook-top, sink, cooking area required to clean every day. Kitchen requires extra efforts to clean it thoroughly at the time of tenancy end. It’s time-consuming and tiring part of the rental property leaving duty. We’re professional End of Lease Cleaners, and providing customised cleaning service and help you out to get your 100% bond back without any hassle.

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