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DIY Tips: How to do Blinds Cleaning at My Rental Property?

There are various types of blinds available in a market. People choose the blinds according to their property style or personal choice. Blinds cleaning isn’t easy in first place but can be possible without hassle.

Roller Blinds Cleaning

  • Take down the roller blinds from its roller carefully. If you have fabric blinds, then remove the fabric and place into washing machine to clean entirely.
  • Roller blinds are available in a different material and texture. Lie down the roller blinds on ground to clean the marks and stain.
  • Place ½ cup of soap liquid and ½ cup of water in a bowl or a spray bottle. Sprinkle this mixture on blind stains and scrub it well with the fibre clothes or sponge. If you’ve fabric blinds, then pour soapy water on fabric stains. Rub the material with brush and rub in the water.
  • Repeat the process if its required. This will remove pet hairs, dust and stain marks without damaging the roller blinds.

Vertical Blinds Cleaning

  • Wipe down the blinds with thick duster. Vertical blinds need to be cleaned from left to right. Start dusting from the top to bottom to remove the dust entirely.
  • Vacuum each strap carefully without damaging anything.
  • Use ¼ cup of dish washing liquid and ¾ cup of water in a bowl. Use this soapy mixture to remove the stain and dust.
  • Take micro fibre cloth or sponge to apply soapy mixture on the blinds. Scrub it well with the low pressure otherwise blinds can damage.
  • Clean up with wet microfiber cloth and clean water to remove soapy solution.
  • One the blinds and leave them to make them dry for 1-2 hours.

Clean Your Metal Venetian Blinds 

  • Remove dust from the metal blinds with a duster
  • Check your blinds have oil drops or sticky stains. Put dish washing liquid and water in a spray bottle. Sprinkle this mixture on metal blinds to remove dust carefully. Use paper towel or microfiber cloth to remove soapy water and dust completely.
  • If your blinds have deep stains and oily surface, then scrub blinds with bristle brush. Use the cleansing liquid and the brush to remove dust and sticky surface by scrubbing them on both sides.
  • Use the dry cloth to remove extra water and dry the surface faster. Let them open until they dry completely otherwise blinds will get rust.
  • Use gloves to avoid injuries. Open all blinds to remove the dust from top to bottom.

Cleaning of Timber Blinds:

  • Timber blinds are easy to clean with wet cloth.
  • Soak the cotton coth in a cleanser and water mixture. Rub this mixture on the stain directly and rub it carefully.
  • Use wood specific cleanser works well the blind. Avoid using chemicals on timber blinds otherwise it can damage the blinds.
  • Use dry cloth to remove the stain and dust. Wipe down each straps of timber blinds to polish them.
  • Use sponge or soft cloth to scrub the surface. Put light pressure to get rid of dust particles.
  • Try to polish on timber blinds if you have old blinds, and blinds have more scratches.

Blinds cleaning at the End of Lease

At Melbourne Vacate Cleaning, we provide blind cleaning service as a process of end of lease cleaning service. Our end of lease cleaners will remove dust, stains and grime from the property.

Regular cleaning doesn’t meet the requirement of blind maintenance. Blinds get dust because they are directly face the sunlight and window. It occurs some health injuries in a long run. If someone has breathing problems or some health issues, then blinds can’t be overlooked. End of lease cleaners work carefully to remove blind dust. They vacuum each straps and entire blinds without damaging them.

DIY Tips to clean your blinds at home.

  • Use soft brush for vacuuming of blinds. Blinds are delicate and there is chance to damage by putting extra pressure on it.
  • Try to vacuum the blinds twice in a month to keep them clean.
  • After blinds cleaning, keep blinds open until they dry thoroughly.
  • Avoid using bleach and harmful chemical on blinds. Bleach and strong chemical can change the colour and damage the material of the blinds.
  • If you’ve ceiling fans, then clean them very often so dust can’t settle on blinds.
  • Spot clean your blinds to remove stains from the affected areas.
  • Use basic products and tools such as duster, house vacuum cleaner, sugar soap, warm water, dish washing liquid, eco-friendly stain cleanser and micro fibre cloth.
  • Clean each strap one by one and clean from top to bottom. Try to clean from left to right for deep cleaning of the blinds.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne  analyst based on market analysis. learn more about DIY blinds cleaning tips and steps for your property.

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