Wall Marks Cleaning

How to clean walls at the end of tenancy

Walls cleaning is an essential part of clean when it comes to the end of tenancy or vacating your property. Agent/landlord will always check walls when you move out from the property so you have to make sure it is spotless and no scuff marks on the walls. Here are some basic Walls cleaning tips and tricks.

Scuff marks cleaning on the walls:

It is easy to remove scuff marks on the wall. Firstly, wipe down walls and clean them with dry clothes. You need certain chemicals and sponge to remove spots clean on the walls. Take warm water and add dishwasher liquid in the water and wipe down where the marks are. You will see great results after you apply it on the walls. Wait 2-3 minutes and walls will be sparking bright and revived.

Crayon off the walls:

Kids always love to draw on the walls, no matter how many papers and sheets you give them. Cleaning walls with a crayon is the hardest part when it comes to clean as you require heavy chemicals to make them white. Vinegar has been the most effective way to remove crayon marks from the walls as it has acid and releases wax and pigment components from the walls. Also, you can use old toothpaste with vinegar and scrub on the crayon walls.

Remove water stains from the ceiling:

This could happen due to a water leak on the ceiling or water pipe broken on the ceiling. This stain can also be removed easily. You need certain items to get this cleaned.

  • Big ladder
  • Sponge
  • Clean water Bucket
  • Bleach
  • Gloves
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Safety glass
  • Microfiber cloth

In the beginning, wipe down the wet ceiling and remove all broken plasters from the wall. Apply wet clothes and get them ready for the dishwashing sponge to be applied. In most cases, you will see a huge difference and all-black marks will go off. But in the worst case, there will be a chance where you might need to apply bleach to remove permanent marks from the walls.

Cigarette marks cleaning from the walls:

The nicotine in tobacco that stains skin and teeth also leave the same yellow stain on the walls. If the house/property is occupied by a smoker tenant then you will see a yellow or brown stain on the walls. Cigarette light stains can be removed from the walls with good technique and right chemicals. While heavy cigarette stains on the walls require repainting the walls or applying new wallpaper on the wall.

Remove dust from the walls:

Walls get dirty especially dog and kid level. Cleaning them regularly is the key to keeping your home dust-free. Before you start cleaning dust from the walls, glossy paint will have a chance to come off. No matter what type of paint you use to remove any dust from the walls, you need to clean them. Use any towels to remove any dirt from the walls and apply the liquid cleaner to remove any stain and smudges from the wall. Start your walls cleaning from the top and come down to bottom. Wipe the wall with cleaner and clean with plain water.

Remove any stickers from the walls:

Placing stickers on the walls may look good at that time. You can remove wall stickers and child’s sticker entirely with no use of any chemicals. You can start with one side of the portion from the walls without any products. If you feel that one corner is a bit hard to take it off then try with another corner. Always use a gentle scrap or knife to remove any part from the walls. Sometimes, you can’t remove any part of the sticker as it has been placed quite a long time so you can make corners wet on four sides and apply a knife to remove it.

Always hire a professional end of lease cleaning team for your walls cleaning and feel relaxed. End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne helped 2000+ tenants to get their bond back without any hassles. If you need a professional end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne with proper walls mark cleaning or wall washing then contact us 0416 057 536.

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