How to Get a 100% Bond Back?

How to Get a 100% Bond Back? Find a Process of Bond Money Return.

What is Bond Money?

Bond money is the biggest amount of Every tenants. How to Get a 100% Bond Back? It worth more than 1.5 month of your rent. No one can afford to lose that bond money that’s why we’ve made your work easy and headache free.

Research for the Cleaning company:

Research is the most important part of any work. As you know about the bond end week start looking for end of lease Cleaning service provider in Melbourne.

You will find many bond back cleaning companies in the market. Get a quote and service list from 2-3 companies. You will get a free quote.

Check & Compare the Cleaning  Service checklist:

We can compare checklists and services provided by vacate cleaning company. Analyze your requirements and compare the price.

  • The Bond back cleaning guarantee period is Printed in invoice below business details. Compare the bond back cleaning guarantee.
  • Find your requirements and Check it out your available Cleaning Booking date.
  • Check vacate cleaning service provider’s checklist and compare with your landlord’s Checklist.
  • Book your vacate cleaning service according to your date & time.
  • Get the cleaning receipt to fulfill your landlord/ rental agent’s requirements.

Check your Bond Policy :

Check it out terms and conditions of your bond. A Bond policy may differ from the checklist.

Check your cleaning company’s service policy.

Bond back cleaning policy is important to check. You can get your 100% bond money based on policy.

Application- Apply for bond after cleaning :

After cleaning and inspection, you need to wait from landlord’s final process. Pepper work to be finished if needed. When your landlord/ rental inspector checks the property then you can apply for bond back money. Generally, you can apply for an application after inspection. It’s a simple form to fill your basic information. It may take time to approve the application.

Tenant association form:
Every Tenant has to return their rental house without any damage. If they clean the house and return the house without any damage then the landlord shouldn’t hold their bond. If breakage and damage happened during the bond period then Tenants need to fulfill some requirements of their landlord.

How to Get a 100% Bond Back money & Solve your Bond Money issue?

If your inspector finds any problem with cleaning then inform to a cleaning company. They will fix the issue and help you to get your 100% bond money. If your landlord or house agent hold your bond money for no reason then you can take legal action.

How to get your 100% Bond Back cleaning guarantee ?- Take a help from Cleaning Service

In this high competitive world, you will find many cheap service companies in the market. You will compare them by below few points.

Do you know how to get your 100% bond back in Melbourne? Find out the difference between legal and Fake Cleaning Service Providers in less time.

General things to check before you book your cleaning service

  • General Cleaning service Checklist
  • Available Date & Time for Cleaning according to your preference
  • Take a quote according to your requirements
  • Ask for ABN/ ACN number – It needs to be available in receipt
  • Bond Back Cleaning Guarantee – period of service
  • Extra charge for other cleaning requirements
  • Payment Procedure
  • Time taken for cleaning
  • Cleaners will come with their Products & equivalents
  • Proper printed Vacate Cleaning Receipt

If you follow this steps then you can easily move your new house. You don’t need to worry about your bond money. You will get 100% your bond back within a time frame.

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