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How to Remove Bad Odours From the Property?

Here are some tips and tricks to remove odours from the property and maintain healthy environments in the property. Check it out sources of bad odours and how to remove bad odours from the property?

What are the reasons for a bad smell at the house?

There are many sources which can ruin the property’s environment. Bad smell can cause several health issues such as headache, asthma, nausea, vomiting. Nasty odour is produced because of mould, wet cloths, new furniture, water leakage, pets or old people’s dry skin, bins, waste food, garbage and many more. Follow below basic cleaning tips to get rid of bad odour from the property. You may have to take care of some basic source to control house odour. You can deal with your rental property odour by hiring Melbourne Vacate Cleaning Company before moving.

What are the sources of Bad odour and how to remove them?

Nasty odour because of Pets:

Most of the people treat dogs as a part of the family. Pets require regular baths, hair grooming and daily cleaning. If you find Pets poop on the hard floor or carpet then treat them immediately. You can save your carpet from the germs spreading, stain and bad odour. You can train your pets for potty habits but can’t be sure all the time. Keep your eye on your pets and check your house on a regular interval. Use odour refreshment spray and candle to maintain your house environment odour.

Cooking smell:

Frying and cooking fish, eggs, curry and meat can spread odour in the house. Keep your exhaust fan turned on while you’re cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes burnt oil smell can remain present in the environment for a longer time. Keep your window and door open for fresh air circulation in the kitchen. Clean your cooktop, skirting boards, a cooking table daily so bad odour is removed from the environment. 

Smoky odour remains present for a while so use candle or room deodorants to refresh your kitchen air. Vacuum and mop your kitchen floor weekly. If you’ve carpet in the dining area then it requires carpet steam cleaning once or twice in a year. Food particles leave the stain, smell, and bacteria in the carpet. Hire professional End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Company to do carpet steam cleaning of the property.

Bad smell from Old Food:

Check your refrigerator and pantry regularly. If you find any mouldy food then put them into a bin. Wash your dirty dishes and make your sink empty so your house stays away from the bad smell of leftover food. Discard your expiry food packets, tins from your pantry as you notice. Clean refrigerator and dishwasher to remove dirt and bacteria to maintain the property environment. 

Nasty odour from Sink and Drainage:

Sometimes, bad smell comes from the drainage or pipelines. Use a hot water cycle once in a month for your laundry wash so the water pipeline gets clear from the mould. Use hot water and soap liquid to clean the drainage. Baking soda, lemon juice can remove the dirty smell from the drainage too. Replace the drainage line if it’s broken or damaged. Drainage leakage spread bed smell in the house.

Air Ventilation:

Proper air ventilation is required for any house or office. Open your windows to let the sunline come into your house. Use the exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen to get rid of hot air circulation. Fresh air maintains the property environment pleasant and remove bad odours.


Wash your laundry once or twice in a week. If you have laundry cupboards then maintain cleaning products arranged. Remove old and empty cleaning products from the pantry so it can’t smell bad. Keep your doors open if you use the washing machine and dryer in a laundry room. Wet cloth smells bad and spreads odour in the house. Dry your cloth in an outside sunny environment if it’s possible.  


Mould is unhealthy and bad for the house environment. If you don’t treat them immediately then it can grow more Mould a cause many health issues such as vomiting, nausea, throat irritation, coughing, and lung problems. Scrub the area with the dishwashing liquid and microfiber cloth. You can use mould killer, baking soda, white vinegar to tread the mould instantly. Once you remove the mould, keep your eye on it because mould can grow again if it’s root is available at the surface. Mould spread foggy bad odour and bacteria it the property.


Trash and rubbish bins spread bad odour in the house. It contains lots of bacterias, mouldy food, leftover food and other things. Try to replace the bin liner and get rid of rubbish on the regular basis. Clean the rubbish bin if it is required.


Shoes can stink a lot due to body toxins and bacterias. Use natural products such as baking soda, lime/ lemon peels and black tea bags. Keep these products in a shoe overnight so bad odour can remove from the shoes. Wash your shoes if it’s too dirty from outside and inside. Put your shoes outside or in a sunny area for sometimes so bacteria kills in the sunlight. Replace your shoe sole if it’s required.

 Keep your shoes away from the bedroom and kitchen. Don’t use the same socks every day, and try to use clean socks every time. Wear fresh socks with your pair of shoes. Socks prevent your feet from drying, sweating. 

Generic Tips to Remove Bad Odours and Maintain Healthy House Environment:

  • Keep some indoor plants at your property. Plants can maintain fresh breathable air in the environment.
  • Maintain air circulation in the property.
  • Keep your doors and windows open whenever it’s possible, sunlight can fresh air remove bad odours as quickly as possible.
  • Fresh flowers and candles spread pleasant air in the house. Choose your favourite flavoured candles, house deodorant spray, Himalaya salt lamp, and scent diffuser. It can change your mood and environment in the house.
  • Use basic cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, lemon, bicarbonate soda, natural cleanser, salt, tea tree oil and soapy liquid to remove dirt
  • Do your housekeeping work regularly.
  • Clean your pet’s feces as early as possible. 
  • Use Orange peel to remove bad odours from the refrigerator. 

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