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Simple Tips and Tricks to Clean Your Home

Cleaning takes much time to do it. Here are a few simple cleaning tips and tricks for your daily cleaning. Most of the people try to clean their house daily but they failed to do it daily. Sometimes, it is possible to do it on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 70-80% people prefer to hiring a cleaning expert to clean the daily house chores. They can clean thorough cleaning in a minimal time.We would like to share some of our DIY Cleaning tips to find out the way of property cleaning faster.

DIY Cleaning Hacks:

Arrange the clothes, toys, books, and other items

Put your dirty clothes in a laundry and put your clean clothes in a cupboard. Arrange your clothes in a cupboard by using different compartments. Donate your old clothes to a charity centre. Stack your books in a bookshelf. Once you find an object/ item on a ground floor then put them in a particular place.

Declutter all rooms one by one. Use big baskets to put kids’ toys and games. Try to arrange soft and hard toys in a different box. You can put non-usable toys in a safe place or garage. If you’re cleaning the floor without declutching the items then toys, cloths can get the dust and germs because you’re picking toys and wipe down the surface with the wet cloth, and you’re putting those toys on wet surface.

Collect your Cleaning materials and tools.

Regular cleaning requires basic cleaning tools and material. It doesn’t require fancy chemical until your house is really old or you’ve recently moved into the rental property. Most of the domestic cleaners come with the basic tools and equipment such as vacuum cleaners, paper towel, fibre cloths, scrubbers, squeegee, mop, tray, bucket, wipes, spray bottle, sponge, dishwashing liquid, and other cleaning products. They come with the cleaning caddy so they can arrange every tools in one place.

If you’re a big house then arrange one trolly or cleaning caddy so you can put them in a manner. It’ll save most of the time of yours. Put this caddy in a cupboard or corner of the laundry where you put them away from your kids. put your cleaning items in a shopping list so you never stay out of stock for your cleaning essential.

Create your Timetable/ Schedule:

It’s the most important thing for your life. You can balance your family time, working duty time and household chores time by scheduling everything. If you hire a professional cleaner, then arrange your cleaning time with them. Arrange your cleaning tasks in a such way that you can maintain your house by utilizing maximum efforts of professional rather than paying them extra for unplanned tasks.

Make your weekly schedule for cleaning and follow them blindly. If you stick to the plan, then you can complete the task without any problem. Unplanned tasks, parties always popup on weekends so be careful with your schedule. It will help you to clean your entire house in a minimum time. You don’t have to worry about the health and house environment.


It is an important part of cleaning. House furniture and rooms get dust because of airborne. Dust particles come from the opened windows and doors. Use light wet microfibre cloth to deal with the dust. Wipe down the surface where you can see the dust. Use your toothbrush or buds to remove dust from the electronic devices such as keyboards, laptop ports, grouts, knobs, and jewellery.

If you have blinds and curtains at home, then clean them every week to avoid dust particles. Blinds may require scrubbing for deep cleaning. Wet cloth and dishwashing liquid can remove most of the bling marks without headache. Use spray bottle, squeeze and paper towel to shine your windows and remove the dust.

Bathroom & Toilet:

Tackle with your bathroom and toilet by using different cleanser, scrubber, and chemicals. Toilet and bathroom have germs and bacteria all around it. You can use vinegar, bleach, cleanser, and baking soda to remove the mess of toilet bowl and bathroom. Wipe down mirror, bathtub, cupboards with a wet microfiber cloth. Shower screen, sink and tiles grout required scrubbing. Use odour freshener to keep the environment fresh.

Mope the ground surface at the last and leave it for a few minutes to dry. Wipe down bathroom accessories with the fresh cloth. Use baking soda or dishwashing liquid to remove the rust and watermarks. To remove Shower screen watermarks, apply some cleanser or baking powder and then scrub the surface. Use squeeze to remove the water after wash.

Vacuum cleaning Tips:

Once you finish with the arranging and dusting, then vacuum the floor to remove hair, dust, and dirt. If you have corded vacuum then use cord extension to avoid plugging into different ports during vacuuming of the room. Use cordless vacuum cleaner for your peace of mind. Use different parts of the vacuum cleaner such as small brushes, hose and belt to remove dust from the corners, sofa seat, blinds. Replace the bin liner once it’s full. Vacuum cleaner may require service if the suction power decreased for some technical reason.

End of Lease Cleaning:

Every tenants require end of lease cleaning at the end of their bond period. AT that time, they can do it by themselves or hire a professional end of lease cleaning company like us. We provide end of lease cleaning Melbourne service to the household owner, tenants, rental agents or shared property mates. Our end of lease cleaning service includes all parts of the property inside of the house. We also provide a 100% bond back cleaning within 7 days.

We clean:

  • House/ Apartment
  • Office
  • Factory
  • Corporate place

Hire a Professional Carpet Steam Cleaners:

Carpet cleaning is required once or twice in a year. Don’t worry about the mess if you’ve the carpet cleaners on board. You may require professional Carpet steam cleaning team to remove extreme dirt and dust from the carpet. Melbourne Vacate Cleaning provides excellent carpet cleaning service in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Our cleaning experts have more than 5 years of experience in carpet cleaning. We carry high-pressure vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaning machine with us. It will remove pet hairs, bacteria, stains, and other debris from the carpet by pressure water extraction technique and leave the carpet fresh as new.


DIY Simple Cleaning tips and tricks to find out the way of property cleaning faster. Daily cleaning tips to organise your house better way.

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