Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Tenants or property owner require to follow spring cleaning checklist. Here is the list of the things that you need to clean inside of the property.


  • Remove windows filter or cover. If you have blinds then remove blinds and clean windows.
  • Take off your Kitchen stuff from the cupboards, drawers to clean thoroughly.
  • Wipe down all cupboard knobs, switchboards, lights to remove dust.
  • Stove-top gets oil, grime and dirt all the time. It requires cleaning properly.
  • Remove oil, grime from the oven inside and outside.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to clean Fridge from inside and outside. Remove the plastic container and clean with soapy water and put aside to dry them completely. Defrost ice before fridge cleaning.
  • Clean your Microwave, toaster and descale kettle to use them for a longer time.
  • Check drain blockage of the sink. Clean your sink with the dishwasher liquid, vinegar, bicarbonate soda and sponge.
  • Use grout cleaner, dish washing liquid, aluminium sponge to remove dust, dirt and marks from the tiles. Mop the floor to clean and sanitise.
  • Clean your Exhaust fan, skirting board, splash back, cook-top and Kitchen bench.

Dining Room:

  • Remove curtains for washing and clean your Window sills, window frame and window glass.
  • Wipe down all furniture, cupboards, bookshelves, door handle, switchboards, lights.
  • Use microfiber cloth or duster to remove dust from the walls and corners.
  • Remove dust from the electronic cords. Use a glass cleaner to clean and shine TV, windows glass, dining table glass.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of hard floor.
  • Hire Melbourne Vacate Cleaners to do carpet steam cleaning. They can remove the dust, mark and germs from the carpet.


  • Rearrange your clothes, accessories and kids toys. Donate your old stuff to make extra room for new items.
  • Remove dust from the cupboards, cabinet, lamp, light, switches, doorknobs, photo frames.
  • Move your bed to sweep underneath. Remove cobwebs and dust from the corners,
  • Carpet steam cleaning from professional cleaners.
  • Wipe down the mirror, windowsills, window frame, curtains.
  • Clean and sanitise toilet, bathroom, shower screen, sink, bathtub, cabinet.
  • Remove wall marks, dust, shoe marks.
  • If you have stairs then vacuuming and dusting is required.
  • Wipe down the handrail with a microfiber cloth.


  • Remove the stickers from the mirrors and clean thoroughly.
  • Clear your drainage and clean sink surface with the soapy water and sponge.
  • Scrub and clean the toilet bowl, toilet cover, water tank.
  • Remove stuff from the Cabinet and wipe down inside/ outside.
  • Clean bathtub, tap and other accessories.
  • Remove watermarks from the shower screen, window glass, bathroom accessories.
  • Scrub the tiles and do grouts cleaning.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of bathroom and toilet.


  • Get rid of old cleaning equipment and buy fresh products.
  • Open Windows for a while and remove dust from the sliding door section.
  • Remove the plastic container and clean the washing machine/dryer.
  • Wipe down the cupboards to remove dust, germs and marks.
  • Mop the floors and make it shine.
  • Remove cobwebs and get rid of wall marks.
  • Reseal grout lines if required.
  • Clean washing machine pipeline, sink and tap.

Hire End of Lease Cleaners for Spring Cleaning

Spring is the best time to clean your entire property clean and get ready for Christmas shopping. End of lease cleaning Melbourne do thorough house cleaning and make your property shine. We have efficient end of lease cleaners who can work faster. They know the cleaning techniques and tricks to do deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom. Bathroom and kitchen requires more time to do it.

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