End of Lease Tenants Guide

Stress Free End of Lease Tenants Guide for Moving Your Property

People always find a difficulty at the time of moving. Find out stress free end of lease tenants guide in this article. It looks a simple in a first thought but when you start packing your stuffs then you’ll realise a big problem. It’s fun though when you find your old toys or lost item. Jokes apart, changing a house is a big process for every tenant. You can make it simple by extra helping hands and professional movers and cleaners.

Just think about your capacity of work. How are you doing with your daily household chores and maintaining your personal and professional lives. Check your house’s condition, Cleaning requirement checklist and moving date. Once you make a simple list for below tasks then you can easily distinguish your time among them. Just a talking about these things, stress is already begun but we’re here to help you to short it out quickly and smartly.

Moving & Packing:

Start your packing at least a month earlier of your lease end. If you have diced to end up house lease in a short time, then start packing with some useful tricks below.

  • Pack your books in a separate box. Pack your kitchen &cutlery item in a different box. Be careful with the glass items and pack them with an extra care. Don’t forget to put a label on your box for your fragile items. Toilet and bathroom item can be packed in a same box.
  • Best thing to do with your clothes is pack them according to your choice. You can pack one week’s clothes in one box and label them so you can find it easily. You may not get much time to unpack everything in a first day of your moving, but you may require to attend your office next day.
  • Drop all your unneeded good stuff to the local charity shop. If you know people who are poor, then you can provide your good & usable stuff to them.
  • You can book with hard rubbish collection with a collection company or council. If you haven’t booked with council then you may get heavy penalty for your action.
  • Contact with movers & pickup service who can move all your items without any damage in a reasonable price.

Address change Tasks:

It’s a simple task to do it but it requires much more attention than other tasks. Don’t take it easy because it is a sensitive task to finish so you won’t lose your important document later.

  • Schedule for disconnection of your water supply, gas and electricity supply company, internet broadband connection company, landline company. Be careful with the disconnection, as you’ll require water & electricity to perform End of Lease Cleaning of your rental property.
  • You’ll require gas service, water supply, electricity, landline and internet at your move-in house as well. So, check & schedule for those connection in advance.
  • People need to change their address on their driving license, all bills, bank data, superannuation detail, children’s current school/university record, workplace’s detail, Insurance, and library.
  • Check your online shopping websites. If you’ve ordered anything but haven’t got your items, then you should inform to post office about this. You can redirect your mail and parcel as well. Change your address on all websites once you arrived at your new place.
  • Inform to your news agency and regular cleaning company to cancel their services.

End of Lease Cleaning Tasks:

When you move to your new house then you’ve to finish several vacate cleaning tasks for your rental house. End of lease cleaning tenants guide will help you for your hassle free moving.

  • Take several vacate cleaning quotes and book end of lease cleaning service with a professional cleaner. They’re bound to provide a customised quote for your thorough end of lease cleaning.
  • Make sure you’ve checked your bond agreement for your cleaning tasks and share there vacate cleaning checklist with your cleaning company. Confirm the price if they haven’t included price of few things from your requirement.
  • Expert cleaners exactly know about the areas they should cover in a bond cleaning such as oven, carpet, kitchen, bathroom, window and bedrooms.
  • If you’re DYI hacker then you can try those tricks for your regular cleaning. Few tricks may not work for thorough cleaning and carpets. It can make them worst because of hard chemical and fails. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to make things easier.
  • End of lease cleaning companies provide accurate and thorough vacate cleaning for your house. They make sure that Tenants get their 100% bond without fails. Vacate cleaning Melbourne help their customers by providing 7 days Bond back cleaning guarantee. Tenants can inform to their landlord without a doubt. Rental agents get sufficient time for handover and inspection.

Paperwork, Repairs & Bond Agreement

  • Bond agreement is a common understanding agreement between tenant and landlord. Bond agreement have all information regarding your bond period, repairs and other handover details.
  • Check all water blockage or inventory breakage in a house and fix it up with professional service. You can hire several services such as grout and window cleaning, End of lease cleaning, carpet and blinds cleaning.
  • Handover all your keys and appliances that you’ve got at the time of your move. Few landlords provide some appliances and furniture fitted in a house. Tenants must provide the same furnished and working house to the landlord. If you failed to do that then your landlord may hold back your bond deposit.
  • Keep all your receipts of end of lease cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning, repairs and replaced items. Landlord can ask for these receipts if they find some issue.
  • Tenant must need to provide thoroughly cleaned house as per landlord’s guideline. Finish paperwork after inspection and apply for bond return online.

This article is written for tenants who are moving into new house. Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analyst has created end of lease tenants guide based on market analysis.

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