Tenant's Checklist

Tenant’s checklist: Needs to take care before left the Rental house

Easy Tenant’s checklist to follow while leaving the rental property.

Most of the people are very excited to move into a new house and they forget to finish all the work from the last house. Some of the people may book their new house in a short time and they don’t get much time to clean their old house. This article will help you to follow easy tenant’s checklist while leaving the rental property.

get your bond back money and leave the house without a headache.

1)      Empty House:

This is the main requirement of every household or Landlord. Without that, you may not move to the new house hassle-free. You may clean your house by yourself but you can’t leave your stuff behind to make people angry. Even though you don’t need some equipment or stuff, you need to vacate your house to make your landlord happy. Vacate house will be easy to settle up for a new Tenant.

If you have hired a end of lease cleaner in Melbourne then you must vacate your house so they can clean your house entirely. It is convenient for them and for you too. If you leave some items/ equipment or furniture in a rental house then there is a chance of damage to your property. End of lease cleaning company prefers to vacate house to clean.

2)    Get Your Bond back:

Landlord or agents take your bond money for many purposes. It’s part of gurantee to their house’s safety. You may need to fulfill their cleaning requirements and maintenance requirements of the house. Many End of Lease cleaning companies provide bond back guarantee to make their customer happy. You may need to check some background of the company or directly ask for a bond-back guarantee.You might be thinking that bond isn’t much worth it. Most of the landlord/ Agents take 60-70% of one month rent as a bond to make sure that you’re going to maintain their house.

A Landlord may ask you for cleaning receipt from professional cleaners. In this busy life, regular job work, new house moving, Christmas preparations and cleaning of the house by your self won’t be possible. Although you’re going to book an appointment with the End of Lease cleaning providers, you can get your bond back.

3)      Cleaning Checklist Requirements:

Many Tenants like to live in a dirt-free and germfree house. As a result, they try to clean their house in the weekend but fail to comment on the requirements of the Vacate Cleaning. Garage, laundry room and corners of the bathroom. Most of the rental property providers have the checklist of inspections. It includes bad rooms, kitchen, study room, dining area, bathroom, toilet, walls, windows, cupboards, carpet steam clean, switches etc.

Even though the house is old, they want a maximum reduction of stains and mark. Some of the neglected areas cover with cobwebs and dust. Cleaning of bathroom, toilet, and kitchen take up to 70-80% of the time, efforts and energy. If Tenant couldn’t fulfill the vacate cleaning requirements then Tenant may loose bond money.

4)      Garden & Garage Clean-up:

Garden and Garage are the part of the house but most neglected part of the house. Even though you are very fussy about the cleaning, you put these things to clean in the last point of your regular cleaning list. No one wants to waste most of the time in weekend cleaning. Weekend meant to be for relaxation and enjoyment. Unplanned guest visit or party could happen at the weekend. Hence, you could manage to clean your main requirements of weekend cleaning but hardly reach to the last point of your list.

Basic cleaning of garden and garage is required. Remove some cobwebs and dust from garage. Remove extra grass and meadows from your backyard.

This article is written by https://melbournevacatecleaning.com.au/ Analyst and is based on their independent review. Follow these easy tenant’s checklist while leaving the rental property and recover your 100% bond money.

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