Balcony Cleaning

Balcony Cleaning Tips & Tricks for Everyone

Balcony is an outdoor additional area of the house. Pet makes it dirty all the time. Balcony requires thorough cleaning. Anyone can clean the balcony by using basic cleaning products unless you’re running out of the time. Here are some regular balcony cleaning tips and hacks.

Balcony Walls:

Balcony walls get dirty due to wet sand drops while watering. You can choose any of the cleaning liquid for the balcony wall cleaning. Use a spray bottle for an easy liquid application over the walls. Scrub the walls by using sponge or microfiber cloth. Rinse it well with the clean water or clean rug.

Balcony Windows and doors cleaning:

Balcony doors and windows get dust and dirt because of the rain or wind. Use a glass cleanser or other cleaning liquid from the above list. Rinse it well with the clean water and wipe the surface with the dry cloth or squeeze. You can just grab wet cloth and wipe down windows. Use vinegar and water solution to get the sparkling glasses.

Outside lights or furniture:

Outside sitting furniture, cupboards or lights expose to the dust and bacteria all the time. It requires cleaning the furniture over time, especially after rainy days. Most of the marks can be removed by wiping the surface with the all purpose cleanser and dry cloth. Sometimes, furniture gets rusty and cleaning isn’t sufficient. It requires colour coating.

Balcony Tiles:

Swipe and mop the floor to remove dust, plant leaves and dirt. Sometimes, floor tiles require scrubbing. Use dishwashing liquid and water solution to scrub the tiles. You can also do pressure cleaning by using a water hose and pressure cleaner. If you have mould in your balcony then apply vinegar and bicarbonate soda on the tile. leave it for 10 minutes then scrub it well with the hard brush scrubber. Re- grout your tiles if it’s required.

Odour Control:

Put flower plants to neutralise your balcony odour. Use vinegar- carbonate soda solution to clean the balcony tile. Use air purifier to remove pet smell from the indoors.

Cleaning Material

  • Cleaning liquid (50% warm water & 50% white vinegar, Spray bottle with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, soapy water or all purpose cleanser or sugar soap).
  • Warm water bucket
  • Gloves
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth

General Balcony Garden cleaning Tips:

  • Keep your eyes on spiders and cobwebs. They can damage the plants.
  • Check it out for limescale, mould can makes the balcony corners dirty.
  • Scrub the balcony floors to remove the marks, dirt and mould.
  • Use a pot saucer to maintain excess water out of the pot.
  • If you have artificial grass in your balcony garden then vacuum the area once in a week.

Clean the balcony at End of Lease

At the End of lease, tenants required to clean the entire property. Many real estate agents don’t bother with the outside balcony or outside windows. A few landlords want a clean balcony as per their lease conditions. Professional end of lease cleaning company provides balcony cleaning service as per your requirements. Tenants must inform their cleaning company about the balcony because the balcony isn’t a part of the end of lease cleaning standard quote. Experienced vacate cleaners clean the balcony at extra cost.

Garden balcony Tips

  • Arrange your plants in a higher position if possible.
  • Plant leaves excess water out of the pot drainage. Move plants in a corner so excessive water can run away to the water garden.
  • Remove dead leaves and insects from the floor.
  • Use pest control around the pots.
  • Don’t water the plants heavily. Slow and sufficient water is better than overwatering.
  • Snails and slugs come out after rain. You need to control them by using different bugs control techniques.
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