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How to clean Garage?

Garage is the place where we keep used or unnecessary items. It requires to clean up twice in a year to keep the garage organised. Garage cleaning is required at the time of leaving the rental property. Here are some tips and tricks for garage cleaning.

How to do garage clean at the end of lease?

Ending your lease soon then you will require you to empty your garage and make it clean as per your bond conditions. At the time of signing up with the new rental property then the agent will keep some photos to keep the record of property conditions. Real estate agents will ask for the garage cleaning at the end of lease. 

If you’re booking end of lease cleaning service from the expert company then ask for the garage cleaning. Most of the cleaning companies don’t include garage in vacate cleaning quote. It’s an additional Cleaning service so you need to confirm with your end of lease cleaning company. You can adjust your quote depending on your cleaning requirements such as Garage mopping, vacuuming, walls cleaning, mould cleaning or pressure washing.

Garage Floor Cleaning

Most of the garage has concrete floors which are required to sweep and mop only. Vacuum the floor to get rid of dust. If you have tiled floors in a garage then you can vacuum or sweep the floor easily. People keep car oil and other items in the garage. Oil marks required to scrub. Fill up the bowl with the warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. Use a spray bottle and sponge to cover the oily surface with this solution. Leave for 10 minutes and then scrub it well with the scrubber or sponge. You can also use pressure wash to rinse it well.

Walls Cleaning

Most of the time, agents don’t have an issue against dirty garage walls. They just ask for the cobwebs removal and vacuuming of the floor. If you have messy Garage walls then clean the walls by using soapy water and sponge. Wipe it down with the dry microfiber cloth or rug. 

You can use any cleaning product from the below list to get rid of wall marks. Professional end of lease company provides excellent cleaning service as per your requirements.

Walls Cleaning Solutions:

  •  White vinegar + Water
  • Soapy water solution 
  • Dishwashing liquid + water
  • Multi purpose Cleanser 
  • Cleaning wiped 

Products you required to clean the garage

  • Warm water bucket 
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soapy water solution 
  • clean rugs
  • scrubber

Get rid of Clutter:

Many items which are used many times but you want to keep them for some reason. Garage goods need to be checked over time. Sometimes hard items which are no longer usable then require removal from the house. 

A general garage cleaning Tips:

  • Organise your garage by using garage shelves. 
  • Weekly general vacuuming techniques can  the garage clean.
  • Remove clutter and extra items from the garage one in a year.
  • Keep tour eyes on bugs and pest. Use different pest control techniques to stay away from the garage pest such as cricket, mince, bugs, spiders, flies etc.
  • Repair your mouldy areas to maintain garage odour. 
  • If you have a cat or dogs then shut down the garage doors all the time. Clean the garage floor area as soon as you find pets poo.
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