End of lease cleaning process

Step by Step Process for Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company

End of Lease Cleaning Process Define:

It is the simple vacate cleaning steps of any company. Check our step by step process to hire an end of lease cleaning company.

Get a Free Quote from End of Lease Cleaning Company:

All companies provide free quote to their clients. Cleaning price depends on your cleaning requirements and size of the house. There are different methods to get the cleaning quote. Cleaning quote can be get by calling, texting, emailing or form inquiring.

Most of the company provide a quote over the phone/email. Very less companies visit first to check your house conditions and then provide the quote. No one charge to give you a quote. Most of the companies have same End of lease cleaning process 

You can customize your Melbourne end of lease cleaning cost according to your need and cleaning requirements. You can get different quotes from different companies. In addition, you may check and compare the quotes.

Book your End of Lease Cleaning Appointment:

After comparing different quotes, you can select cleaning service according to your preference.

Every companies have their own cleaning structure and process. Some companies have their fix schedule. They won’t be provide different time of cleaning.

Many companies are very flexible to their cleaning. They provide extra flexibility to their customers. You can book your cleaning time according to your schedule. You may change your time before few hours earlier. They don’t charge extra for changing the time.

Professional cleaners take care of customer’s time table as well as their schedule. Some companies have their rigid time structure but you may choose your time from few options.

At the time of booking, you may need to fix the time and day of your end of lease cleaning. You may confirm/ change your Cleaning time a day before the cleaning.

Pay & Get a Receipt from End of Lease Cleaning Company:

Most of the cleaning companies take payment upfront due to their company policy. They provide different payment methods to confirm your payment. 

You can pay them by cash, credit card, online transfer, EFTPOS machine. You can choose your payment option according to your choice.

As soon as, you pay them, you will get the end of lease cleaning receipt. Make sure you take this receipt so you can provide to your landlord. It’s the part of bond back Guarantee too.

You can claim for re-Cleaning by using this receipt. It’s a proof that you’ve Cleaned your house from professional cleaners.

Professional End of Lease Cleaning by Experts:

If you’ve booked your day and time of cleaning earlier then you’ll get the same end of lease Cleaning service on time. Cleaning companies can provide additional cleaning service on your demand.

You can make some changes in your quote before payment. Experienced cleaners will take care of everything inside of the house. They’re bound with the cleaning responsibility. They must have to finish their cleaning on time.

Professional cleaners will take care of your end of lease cleaning of entire house. They provide cleaning service according to the quote and their company policy. Cleaning companies have their own cleaning checklist. They strictly follow that list.

If you’ve got a checklist from your rental agents then you can provide that to cleaners. They will take care of that things with their cleaning service.

Get Bond Back Guarantee to Secure Your Bond Money:

Bond back guarantee is the part of the cleaning service process. If your landlord won’t happy with the cleaning then cleaners need to do it again. Different companies have different time periods to provide their bond back Cleaning guarantee.

Most of the companies provide 24 to 72 hours bond back Cleaning guarantee to their customers. It means that you need to inform about cleaning issues within 24/72 hours after cleaning. They will provide free cleaning within that time period.

After bond back guarantee time period, you may need to pay extra for cleaning. Few companies provide 7- day bond back cleaning guarantee. You will get enough time to inspect your property by landlord. I would advise you to ask for bond back cleaning guarantee at the time of booking.

Solve the cleaning issues with your landlord:

If your landlord or rental agents find any cleaning issue then they can directly contact to your cleaning company.

In few cases, landlord/ rental agents will send you an email including cleaning issues. In that case, you can forward that email to your cleaning company. Cleaning company will reschedule for your cleaning and fulfilling your landlord’s requirements.

People can solve their vacate cleaning issues without any hassle. They just need to inform their cleaning company within bond back guarantee period. It’s a free cleaning service to satisfy your cleaning requirements.

​This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review. This article covers step by step process to hire an end of lease cleaning company.

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