End of Lease Cleaning steps

Step by step guide for End of Lease Cleaning Process & Get your Bond Back

End of Lease cleaning steps is the simple process to get your bond back.

Vacate Cleaning Quote:

Get end of lease cleaning quote from different Cleaning service providers. You will get Free quote via mail, text or call. Most of the Cleaning companies have their own Vacate cleaning checklist to follow.

You can customise your Bond cleaning quote by describing your requirements and list of services.

Schedule the Bond Cleaning Service:

compare all quotes and prices to schedule the bond cleaning service. Many vacate cleaning companies have their own time & process. They provide you best end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne on the based of their time table and availability.

Few bond cleaning companies provide customised vacate cleaning time to make you comfortable. You can schedule your Bond back cleaning service according to your preference and requirements.

Inspect & Handover:

You can handover the keys to the real estate agents or landlords after bond back cleaning has finished. Real estate agents will check & compare the conditions of the house with move-in details. You can keep the record of your rental property’s condition prior to entry in the house.

Landlords don’t expect more from the old house because they understand the situation well. They look for the basic end of lease cleaning which covers entire house. They don’t bother the carpet condition which is very old and hard to remove their deep marks.

Fix up the issues:

Inspection has been done within a week after bond back cleaning. Few cases, you can request for early inspection to make sure bond back guarantee.

Bond back cleaning Guarantee means you can ask for free cleaning if end of lease cleaning don’t match with your landlord’s expectation. Different vacate cleaning Companies provide different bond back cleaning guarantee period. Vacate cleaning guarantee time varies from 24 hours to 7- Days.

Fill up the form & Request for getting your bond back:

Once inspection has finished, you need to fill up the Online bond back form. Complete your paperwork & submit all required details to get your 100% bond back.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review. Find your End of lease cleaning steps to get your Bond back.

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