Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company

Few Things You Must Know Before Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company

Few things to know before hiring an end of lease cleaning company for your bond cleaning service. People have to consider few things that needs to take care. They can compare few parameters such as price, service, offers, checklist, experience and bond back guarantee.

Get a Vacate Cleaning Quotes:

There are couple of End of Lease cleaning companies are available in a market. Each company has it’s own process and service. They have different cleaning checklists according to your cleaning requirements. People can customise their vacate cleaning quotes according to their requirements.

Try to get different quotes from different cleaning service providers. Compare price, availability, your cleaning requirement checklist and service and understand your need. You can choose cheap company which can fulfil all your requirements.

Think about Safety:

It’s basic requirements for all tenants. They have to take care of their rental house properly until key handover to the landlord. If something happened during cleaning then they’re responsible to fix those issues. Professional vacate cleaning companies take extra efforts to

Few Bond cleaning company have experienced cleaners who are working in this industry from last 5-7 years. They can cop with any kind of dust & dirt without damaging the property. In a market, you can easily find cheap company who have started recently. They don’t have enough experience to deal with different dirt.


End of lease cleaning companies come with their cleaning products, equipment and chemical. They also have vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning machine and other tools to remove the stains.

Tenants shouldn’t need to worry about anything. They don’t have to arrange any cleaning products to finish your end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Experienced vacate cleaners are working with cleaning equipment from a while. They can use all cleaning stuff without damaging the property.

Customer Service:

It is the important key factor between tenant and Cleaning service providers. Few Customers may have questions about the cleaning checklist, invoice or payment. Quick and thorough answer can reduce Tenant’s worry and they can easily move to their new house.

If landlord or rental agents find any issue after vacate cleaning then Vacate cleaning company have to provide extra customer support to fulfil their requirements. They bound with the bond back cleaning guarantee. End of lease cleaning company have to provide free re-clean to their Tenants within their commitment period.

Most of the customer seek for few things regarding their cleaning. Moving from current house to the new house isn’t easy. It requires lots of things to arrange such as electricity, gas, telephone, internet and water connection, council paper work, Handover arrangement, packing ,and moving.

Ask to your friend for Referral:

Real estate agent and landlord may know few Vacate cleaning companies. They can help you to get experienced cleaners in a cheap price. You can ask to your friends, colleagues, family who have recently moved their house and hired end of lease cleaning service.

You can check online reviews but they aren’t accurate. Many people put reviews for their bad experience but forget to recognise someone for their hard efforts.


End of lease cleaning price varies from company to company and task allocation. Check & confirm the price before hiring an end of lease cleaning company and finalising everything. People can get affordable cleaning service in a market without any trouble. 

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.
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