Renter’s Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning

The Renter’s Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning

Every tenants can get the renter’s guide to end of tenancy cleaning from their landlords or rental agents.

Make a Vacate Cleaning List:

Make your own end of lease cleaning checklist to get your bond back. Rental Agents and landlords don’t required extremely clean house. They only check few things at the time of vacate cleaning inspection.
It helps the tenants to clean the property thoroughly.

Make your plan

At the time of moving, people have many responsibilities of current house and new moving house. Make your plan for packing, vacate cleaning, Un- packing at new place, moving, settlement and organising water, gas, electricity at both places.

Make sure you hand over your rental property in a clean enough to get your 100% bond back. Fix all broken parts of the house and clear your way to move out.

Tenants can clean their entire property by them self. They have to provide thorough cleaning of the property. End of tenancy cleaning requires much amount of time, energy, techniques and cleaning experience. Plan ahead if you’ve decided to clean your house by yourself.

If you’re not able to clean your house then decide your plan with Vacate cleaning service. Take a quote from different end of lease cleaning companies according to your vacate cleaning requirements. Select and schedule for your end of lease cleaning to make sure your bond money.

Vacate cleaning process:

Melbourne Bond cleaning of entire property is a big job for a single person. It requires proper planning and management of work each day. Clean room by room to cover each and every corner of the house.

Move your furniture and pack your items to make your clear way for cleaning. Even if you’re hiring cleaning services, you have to provide empty house to them.

Collect basic cleaning products, chemicals, scrubbers and fibre cloths to deal with your dust and dirt.

Pay attention to every single part of the room so you don’t have to give extra time at the end.

Every Melbourne End of lease cleaning companies have their own cleaning process. They provide their best vacate cleaning service at the day of booking. They follow landlord and rental agent’s checklist to fulfill their cleaning requirements.

Experienced vacate cleaners can handle every stains and dirt of the house. They cover each and every part of the rental property. Vacate cleaners help you to get your 100% bond back without and damage to the property.

Common End of lease cleaning checklist:

Renter’s guide to End of Tenancy cleaning can be easy with the cleaning checklist.

Walls- remove cobwebs from the corners. Clean and remove wall marks and wipe down the dust.

Windows- clean window glasses, window sills. Remove dust and wipe down with soap water.

Doors- wipe down door handles, doors and door frame with wet cloth.

Cupboards- empty cupboard drawers and sections. Wipe down from inside and outside. Remove dirt marks and deep stains.

Floors- vacuum and mop the floor. Carpet Steam cleaning and remove carpet stains and dirt.

Lights- wipe down all switches and lights with wet cloth. Use soap water to remove the stain.

Mirrors– Remove water marks from the mirrors. Wipe down all mirrors.

Toilet- scrub and clean toilet bowl, toilet water tank and cover. Wipe down cover and tank,

Basin/ sink- Remove and scrub the sink. Remove water marks and dirt and wipe down the basin.

Shower- remove water marks from shower head, shower screen and shower tile.

Ceiling fans- Clean sticky parts and dirty ceiling fans. Remove cobwebs from ceiling.

Kitchen- Clean stove top, skirting board, oven, exhaust, and cupboards. Remove stains and dirt from every parts.

Bathroom- Remove cobwebs and dirt. Clean bathroom tiles, shower, bathtub, and sink.

Appliances- Deep cleaning and scrubbing of other appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

Final End of Tenancy key Handover process:

Landlord will Inspect the property at the time of handover the key. They will check the conditions of the property.

Rental agents also advise you if something has broken and tenant needs to fix it up. Basically, they compare moved in conditions with present conditions.

If they find any issues with the cleaning then they will provide you a list for re done. You can fix the issues by yourself. If tenant hires a cleaning provider then he can get free cleaning from the company.

End of lease cleaning companies provide bond back cleaning guarantee for certain period. Tenants need to inform the cleaning issues within that period. You will secure your 100% bond money by following standards and requirements of landlords.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.
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