Move out Cleaning Checklist

Why Should I follow Move Out Cleaning Checklist?

Move out Cleaning Checklist provides a complete sets of cleaning requirements. All landlords and rental agents are looking for specific deep cleaning of the rental property. They follow their own rental checklist to keep their property clean.

If you’re cleaning by yourself and not sure about the area to cover, you can contact your landlord. Landlord and rental agents keep their move out cleaning checklist. Generally, they check the current conditions of the house and compare with the moving in condition.

  • Increase your productivity
  • Reduce the chance of errors and missing places
  • Easy to follow step by step vacate cleaning
  • It covers every little things to clean and reduce your stress.
  • Vacate cleaning checklist saves your time in a priority work decision.
  • Surety to get your 100% bond back without any hassle.
  • End of lease cleaning checklist can make sure that all tasks finish properly.
  • If you have to do other things for moving then

Move out Cleaning Checklist to follow:

  • Remove dust and dirt from all surfaces.
  • Clean wall marks from all rooms.
  • Mopping, vacuuming of all floors
  • Wipe down dusty surfaces like doors, cupboards, switchboard and mirror
  • Remove watermarks from shower, taps and shower heads.
  • Bathroom, toilet and sink cleaning.
  • Remove dust from windows and window sills and window glass.
  • Clean oven entirely from inside and outside. Remove grime and grease from the oven.
  • Clear oil and dirty surface of range hood, cook top, skirting board and other  kitchen areas.
  • Wipe down kitchen drawers and remove the dust.
  • Clean and sanitise toilet bowl and sink.
  • Remove cobwebs from entire house.
  • Carpet steam cleaning. Remove marks from the carpet.

What is Move out Cleaning?

Tenants must have to return a clean house to their landlord or rental agents. When you’re moving out or finishing the job then you required to do move out cleaning.  Moving out involves a lot of planning, packing and cleaning. You may have to lose your bond back money due to lack of cleaning. You should do End of Lease cleaning to secure your deposit.

Professional move out Cleaning Service

Most of the rental agents have contact with a professional move out cleaners. If you’ve decided to hire move out cleaners then you can move into your new property without any hassle.

Customise your end of lease cleaning quote according to your requirements. Rental agent and landlord keep end of lease cleaning service company details.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.

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