Move out cleaning importance

Why Move Out Cleaning is so Important?

What is Move out cleaning?

Move Out Cleaning is the process of a complete rental property cleaning which can covers everything inside of the house. It is also called as a thorough vacate cleaning of the house.

End of lease cleaning covers entire rental property at the time of finishing lease and getting bond money back. It is a time-consuming process to do thorough cleaning and covers each and every part of the rental property.

Current tenant needs to take care of entire house and needs fix it up broken items. Move out cleaning can help you to get 100% bond money without any hassle.

Can I book end of lease cleaning week before the key hand over?

Tenant needs to provide a clean property at the time of key hand over. You can book bond back cleaning service 2-3 days before the hand over the rental property.

Vacate cleaning needs to be done in an empty house and no items left behind at the house. If you clean your house before a week then dust can pops up near to windows and doors.

Why should I do Move out Cleaning?

According to the government rental agreements, tenants are obliged by paying deposit money. Rental agents release secured bond money at the time of property leaving.

Landlord can deduct from bond money for Unpaid rent, broken items, end of lease cleaning and property damage.

Bond money can be higher than 1.5 month’s rent and landlords can release that money after last inspection of the rental property. Move out cleaning is the part of rental agreement and tenants have to follow that.

Tenants can get their 100% of bond money by providing clean house. If tenant fails to provide clean house then landlord can arrange move out cleaning service and deduct some money from the bond.

There are many Bond cleaning service providers in a market. They have their own vacate cleaning checklists, tools, equipments and experienced cleaners. Many companies provide 1 to 7- Days bond back cleaning guarantee to secure your bond money.

Can I do Move out cleaning by myself?

Vacate cleaning can be time consuming and exhausting for you. You can still do vacate cleaning by yourself if you’ve some experience of it. Tenants  may need enough tools, equipment knowledge, cleaning technique skills, enough time and helpful hands.

Experienced Tenants easily finish this job with the help of 2-3 people, 5-6 hours quality time to finish bond cleaning. Tenants need to provide exactly same clean property that they’ve received at the time of moving in it.

Plan ahead from you scheduled day of move out. Organise some time for packing the stuff, catch up with removals, gather some cleaning stuff, get end of lease cleaning checklist from landlord, and organise your other services- internet, landline phone, water, gas and council.

Why should I hire Move out cleaners?

Move out cleaners have experience of bond cleaning. They have enough equipment, tools, techniques and team to finish vacate cleaning in a particular time.

End of lease cleaners have their own vacate cleaning checklist to follow. Experienced vacate cleaners can fulfill your rental agent’s requirements and help you to get your 100% bond back without any hassle.

Tenants can customise their vacate cleaning quote and book bond back cleaning service with the company.

You may have some time to clean the property but you have some other responsibilities as well. Ultimately, tenants end up loosing some money from their bond money. By hiring bond cleaners will be best option in this situation.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.

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