Why should I hire End of Tenancy Cleaners for Move Out Cleaning?

End of Tenancy Cleaning for move out cleaning solution:

Move out cleaning has been done when property lease is going to finish soon. End of Tenancy cleaners provide thorough end of lease cleaning service for the rental property.

Landlord and rental agents provide their clean property to the tenants. When tenants move into their rental property then they have a rights to get a clean house. When tenants move out from the property then landlords have the right to get the clean house in return.

Move out cleaning is the basically thorough cleaning of your house that covers everything top to bottom inside the property. End of Tenancy cleaners have the right experience of vacate cleaning.

They’re working with different rental agents and landlords. As a result, they can understand property cleaning requirements from the agents. Vacate cleaners also have the end of tenancy cleaning checklists to follow.

Can my rental agent insist me to book End of Tenancy Cleaners?

Melbourne End of lease cleaning is the tenant’s responsibility. According to the bond agreements, tenant needs to present their house in a same condition that they’ve received at the time of bond. Landlord can provide the letter for house cleaning standards    At the time of bond.

Every Tenants needs to keep rental property neat and clean over the time. Landlord can check their property  2-3 times a year. At the time of leaving the property, end of lease cleaning has to be done to ensure their bond money. If you’re a cleaning your property every week then you don’t need to do much in your vacate cleaning.

Landlord inspect the property after end of lease cleaning and release your deposit money after inspection. If you fail their requirements then they can ask for specialist end of tenancy cleaning from the expert. If you don’t return the property in a particular standard and quality then landlord can hire a vacate cleaning company and cut some money from your bond.

Every rental agents present their property cleaned before tenant move in. Tenant have the same responsibilities to provide cleaned property to their landlord at the time of move out. If some cases, landlord can book bond back cleaning service for his property and charge the cost to his tenant.

When should I do end of lease cleaning by myself?

  • If you have small rental property or a shared room.
  • You’re an experienced cleaner
  • Don’t bother much about the bond money.
  • If you have enough time between moving and handling over the key.
  • You can do deep cleaning of each and every part of the house.
  • You’re keeping your house cleaned every week.
  • House doesn’t required carpet steam cleaning.
  • You can spend enough time in cleaning and do Thorough vacate cleaning.

When should I hire an end of lease cleaning company?

  • Don’t have time to do thorough cleaning of the property.
  • Own a large property with more than 2 rooms.
  • To ensure your 100% of your bond money.
  • Fast and reliable end of lease cleaning solution on your preferred time.
  • Don’t have vacate cleaning checklist from rental agent or landlord.
  • Don’t have knowledge of deep stain removal techniques and chemicals.
  • Limited availability of help from your house mates.

Why should I hire an end of Lease cleaning company?

  • 100% bond back guarantee
  • Get a customised vacate cleaning quote in a cheaper price.
  • When you’re looking for experienced vacate cleaners.
  • You’re allergic to harsh cleaning solutions like bleach.
  • If you’re busy in moving and other responsibilities.
  • Don’t want to loose Bond Money
  • Fulfill Rental agent or landlord’s requirements.
  • Experienced cleaning is a part of bond condition.
  • If you have big property with many rooms.
  • Don’t have enough cleaning equipments, experience and tools

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.

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