End of Tenancy Clean

What is included in End of Tenancy Clean?

What is End of Tenancy Clean?

End of Tenancy Clean covers thorough cleaning of the property. It includes everything from top to bottom of the property. When Tenant is leaving a property then he needs to present clean house to the rental agent or landlord. Tenant can get his deposit money after end of lease cleaning of the house.

Landlord or rental agents need to provide empty and clean house to their next tenants. They can get extra rent money for cleanliness and tidy house.

End of Tenancy cleaning is required for house owner as well. When the house is going to sell then owner needs to provide neat house to the new owner. End of lease cleaning is necessary before the property inspection.

End of lease cleaning requires quality time, efforts and experience. You can do end of lease cleaning of your house by yourself or you can hire the vacate cleaners to clean your property.

Most of the vacate cleaners have experiences in end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne. They can do proper end of lease cleaning of your house without any mess and damage. Tenant can regain their 100% Bond money by complete end of Tenancy cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklists:

Different End of Lease Cleaning companies have their own vacate cleaning checklists. They follow their checklist to fulfill landlord’s requirements.

If you get the bond cleaning checklist from the rental agent or landlord then you can provide that to the Vacate cleaners. You can customise your Vacate Cleaning lost according to your requirements.

What’s included in an End of Tenancy Cleaning?

End of Lease Cleaning common things as listed below:

  • Remove dust and dirts from entire property.
  • Cleaning of all doors, door frames and door handles.
  • Remove marks and dust from lights, switchboards and cupboards.
  • Thorough cleaning of oven
  • Cleaning of window glass, window sills and window frames.
  • Dusting, wiping down of kitchen selves.
  • Remove stains or marks from the wall.
  • Wipe the handles, taps and sink.
  • Deep cleaning of Toilet, bathrooms, tile flooring, shower heads and mirrors.
  • Remove oil and other stains from cooktop, skirting board, range hood, and kitchen cupboards.
  • Carpet steam cleaning

End of Tenancy cleaning guarantee:

End of lease cleaning guarantee means free cleaning of left areas. At the time of inspection, if landlord finds any issue then you can claim for re-cleaning of certain areas.

Most of the vacate cleaning companies provide satisfaction guarantee of their work. Different companies have their own work policy and they provide free re-clean service according to their policies.

It’s very important to take a receipt of bond back cleaning from your vacate cleaning company. Bond back cleaning guarantee ensure that you will get your 100% of your bond money after vacate cleaning.

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