How to Get Your 100% Bond Back at End of Occupancy cleaning

There is always a question that how to get your 100% Bond back at End of occupancy cleaning. Moving or changing from a rental property is a stressful for all tenants.

If you want to get most of your bond money then you must have to do end of lease cleaning of your house. Tenants have to leave the property in the same condition as moved in.

They must have to fix torn and broken things of the rental property.  Landlord can cut some bond money for unpaid rent, damaged or broken property parts or missing cleaning checklist.

How can I get my 100% bond money at end of occupancy cleaning?

  • Check your bond policy and finish your paperwork with your current landlord or rental agent.
  • Give your leaving notice at least 14 days earlier of your move.
  • Fix some broken and torn stuff and take care of necessary repairs.
  • Provide deep end of occupancy cleaning of the rental property.
  • Pay your electricity, gas, water bill of your property.

Check your bond contact and know Tenant’s rights

Bond agreement is a legal document between tenant and landlord. Tenants have to read all terms and conditions of the bond carefully before signing the contract.

You can discuss with landlord or rental agent about the rental agreement. They can provide you a guideline about the bond money, maintaining rental property, inspections, guest policy and other agreements.

Once you’re happy with all terms then you can sing the bond agreement and take over the key of your rental property.

At the time of leaving, tenants can follow their bond agreement. It has the minimum notice period of leaving the property. If you’re breaking any bond terms then landlord can cut some bond money at the time of hand over.

Provide enough time to leave the property

Generally, bond agreement has correct information regarding your bond period. Most of the landlords require to get 1 month notice. In some cases, tenants can provide 15 days notice as well.

If you failed to provide an enough notice time then landlord can charge an extra month’s rent from you. In a fixed term contact, Tenants may loose entire bond money for breaking a contract.

Make any necessary repairs

Tenants should check each and every corner pf the house before bond agreement. They can take few pictures and videos at the time of inspection. It’s proof of house’s condition at the time of bond agreements. If you find any faults, damage or problem then you can aware about the condition. Landlord can’t hold your bond for those faults at the time of your moving out.

Tenants are only responsible for damage which are occurred during their occupancy. They must have to fix the damage and repair the rental property to get their 100% bond money. Landlord can only refuse to return your bond money for your unsolved rental damages.

In some cases, landlord will ask for professional repairs and proper invoice to ensure the fixes. It’s a proof of your efforts and landlords can’t hold the bond.

End of Lease cleaning

It’s most important part of the bond agreement. Tenants should provide deep end of occupancy cleaning for their rental property to get their 100% bond back. Generally, tenants have to provide the same clean house as they got it at the time of moved in.

It’s a thorough cleaning of the entire property which covers all surfaces and all parts of the house. It includes oven cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, cupboards, windows and many more.

Tenants can do their end of lease cleaning by their selves. They require much time, experience, Checklist, cleaning equipments and products.

If you’re struggling to deep clean your property or don’t have much time then you can hire an experienced end of cleaning company.

This article is written by Vacate cleaning Melbourne Analysts and is based on their independent review.

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