Requirement of Carpet Steam Cleaning

What is the Requirement of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Requirement of Carpet Steam Cleaning at the house.

Carpet steam cleaning is the process of removing dirt, stain, bacteria, germs and allergens from the carpet. It can keep carpet healthier and long lasting through out the year. Stains and dusts are visible to eyes, but few dust particles, bacteria and allergens aren’t visible to eyes. Sometimes, carpet looks cleans but it still has some germs and dirt particles. Requirement of carpet steam cleaning differ from house to house and office to office.

Most of the houses have carpet in all rooms. No one can realise they walk on the carpet all the time. It covers with dirt, germs and stains so carpet steam cleaning. Few houses have tiles or timber floor that doesn’t require to do steam cleaning.

Why should I do Carpet steam cleaned?

Tenant can make carpet clean by regular vacuuming and removing stains. However, carpet still absorb some particle of dust, stain and other pet germs. There are many possibilities of having asthma because of dirty carpet.

Regular vacuuming can decrease the risk of disease and allergies such as asthma, skin disease, Respiratory issues, weakened immune system, stomach illness and mental problems. Basic Vacuum cleaning reduces some dirt particles, pet hairs, old skin particles and other visible dust. It isn’t enough to remove other toxic pollutants, germs and deep stains.

How many times should I do carpet steam cleaned?

People can steam clean their carpet any time of the year. It doesn’t require to pick any season like Autumn, Spring, Summer or Winter.

If you have pets and small child at home, then you should do carpet steam cleaning 2 or 3 times in a year to keep your house environment healthy. If you’re living alone then you should keep your carpet steam cleaned at least once in a year. It will ensure that you’re living in a healthy house.

Corporate Offices have more than employees working together so they need to steam clean their carpet 3 to 4 times in a year. Medical Centres and hospitals prefer to do carpet steam clean in every three months.

Should I clean my carpet steam cleaned every month?

Requirement of carpet steam cleaning depends on the house’s condition. Every house requires different time interval for carpet steam cleaned. Smaller family without pets and child requires once or 2 times for carpet deep cleaning. However, if you have asthma or any other medical condition then you will require to steam clean your carpet every 3-4 months.

However, people can damage the carpet by doing carpet steam cleaning very often. Carpet steam cleaner leaves some water on the carpet. It can take 5 to 7 hours to dry completely. If you prefer carpet stem clean in 30 to 60 days, then it can decrease the lifespan of carpet.

Should I do carpet steam cleaned at the time of End of Lease Cleaning?

Tenants must have to present clean house to their landlords to get their bond back. Most of the landlords prefer carpet steam clean house at the time of bond end. They mention this as a condition at the time of bond agreement.

Carpet steam cleaning provides thorough deep cleaning of the carpet. It leaves bacteria, stains and other dirt particles out of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning provides pleasant environment to live in the house for the next tenant.

End of lease cleaning companies provide full package for your Bond cleaning. They can customise your quote according to your requirement. If you’re hiring two different companies for bond cleaning and carpet steam cleaning, then you’ll end up investing more money in it. End of lease cleaners have enough experience to deal with your carpet and they can do carpet steam cleaning without any damage.

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