What Is End Of Lease Cleaning?

What Is End Of Lease Cleaning? What’s Included in End of Lease Cleaning?

In this article, we’ve covered a few basic questions related to end of tenancy. What is end of lease cleaning? and What’s included in end of lease cleaning?

What is End of Lease Cleaning?


The way towards your rental property cleaning at the time of move out, and make the property thorough cleaned for the new tenants is called end of lease cleaning. End of lease cleaning requires many parts to clean throughout the property. 


There are many professional cleaning companies are available in Melbourne, who are providing vacate cleaning service from a while. Be careful with the cleaning company checklist and your landlord requirement checklist. You may need to customise your quote as per your requirements. 


 What’s included in end of lease cleaning?


 Regular cleaning doesn’t enough to secure your bond or fulfill your landlord’s cleaning requirements. End of lease cleaning Melbourne company must follow the cleaning checklist to do entire end of lease cleaning of the property. Most of the companies follow their checklist and area to cover. Bond agreement covers different points of cleaning areas to cover. Professional end of lease cleaning company like us have worked with different landlords and rental property agent. We ensure the checklist points and areas to cover everything in the property.


  • We will clean the property all through and remove all cobwebs from roofs, corners, etc.
  • Light switches, light fittings and light shades will be cleaned.
  • Cleaning of Skirting Board, mirror, and cupboards from inside/outside. 
  • All Windows, Window Frames, windowsills will be cleaned.
  • Clean all Kitchen Cupboards, Oven (Inside and Out), cooktop, exhaust fan, and cooking areas.
  • Clean Wall Tiles, Bath and Shower, Basins, Taps, sink and Fittings.
  • Vacuuming and Mopping All Floors.
  • Clean and sanitise Sink and Toilets.
  • Carpet steam Cleaning


Check Your End of Lease Cleaning Agreement


At the time of leaving the rental property, tenants have a few obligations to satisfy. It’s best practice to check your cleaning agreement 2-3 times to follow all points before you move out of your rental property. If you leave the property earlier than your leased period and you don’t provide enough notice period to your landlord then a dispute will arise between you and landlord. Tenancy agreement covers all necessary requirements of ending a tenancy.


Pack all your stuff without leaving anything behind at rental property. A few landlords raise a concern at the time of leaving which aren’t available in an agreement. You can review an agreement to follow all points to secure your bond refund. Tenants should fix all broken items and parts with the professionals. Tenants are responsible to pay rent regularly, provide empty and cleaned rental property at the time of handover the key to the rental agent.


Why do you need to do end tenancy cleaning?


End of lease cleaning is the part of tenancy requirement which needs to be anticipated from landlords. Rather than just regular cleaning for comfort, a vacate cleaner will take care of everything and check the property with a landowner’s eye. Deep cleaning requires to remove oil and grime from a kitchen area, walls and oven. 


There are numerous cleaning points which can be neglected from regular weekly cleaning. Landlord may inspect all smallest corners and area to deduct some money from your bond deposit. No one can afford to take a risk of losing more than 1 month’s rent due to cleaning issues. End of tenancy cleaning company make sure your 100% bond refund.


Can I do move out cleaning by myself?


Melbourne Vacate Cleaning advise not to do it by yourself and reason being to not lose your deposit money. As cleaners have all different chemicals, machine to get your place spotless. While moving out, you have enough stress to pack things up and make your new place arranged.


Tenants can clean by themselves if they have enough time to do it. They must have a cleaning checklist handy with themselves and require cleaning tools and cleaning experience to fulfill the landlord’s requirements.


If your landlord finds any cleaning issues then tenants need to clean again to get their bond money back. If you’ve hired end of lease cleaning company then you get 7 days cleaning guarantee 


This article is written by Melbourne Vacate Cleaning Analysts. In this article, we’ve covered a few basic questions related to end of tenancy. 


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